Thursday, December 19, 2013

Ludum Dare 28: My 48 Hour Game: Flee to Light

I completed my first Ludum Dare! 48 hours to produce everything... all new code, all new art, all by myself. I'm super proud that I got as much done as I did (though that doesn't include any music or sound) for my first attempt at the challenge. I may try the LD Jam next year so as to have some more time/resources/people to make a more finished product.

That aside, here's the game I made! It's called:

"Flee from skittering shadow creatures. The only defense you have is light. Protect your torch and it will protect you. Accidentally throw it in the water, and you're doomed. 

Light up bits of wood in the environment to clear a path or to make a temporary bonfire to drive back the creatures. Light up lanterns to (semi)permanently protect an area. Don't get too comfortable, because the longer you stay in one place, the easier it is for the creatures to find you. Find and light all ten (six are near the end) lanterns to open the exit."

To play the game yourself, click here.
(Windows, Linux, and Mac)

To watch a time lapse of the work, hit the jump.

On Digital Nativity and Appearance on IdeaChannel

I'm beginning to think that my ideas and comments are becoming more relevant as I age. This bodes well for the future :)

Anyway this time it's a comment I made on the Idea Channel episode on "Digital Nativity"

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Friday, December 13, 2013

Particle Effects for Unity 01: Making Looping Smoke Sprites in After Effects

I'm going to start cross-posting my youtube videos here to spread some of the content around.

Here's the first video in a series on Particle Effects in Unity.

This is longer than the other tutorials I've made, but if you want to learn more, subscribe or check back for more game-art tutorials and demos.