Friday, December 12, 2014

VFX Reel 12-11-2014

Since I'm applying to some new jobs recently, I decided to collect and demo some of my recent VFX work. It's mostly particle work, but there's a bit in there about the new ribbon component I'm working on which is meant as an upgrade to the existing Trail Renderer in Unity and a quick mention of my new particle shaders, scene color control script, and the shockwave script I wrote to make my explosion effects more dynamic.

The particle shaders I wrote have their own dedicated video:

And my other recent shader project, the Simple Physical Shader set, is detailed in another:

Monday, December 1, 2014

WIP Ribbon Component

I've been doing tests recently for a ribbon effect system. It is meant to give some more functionality to the normal Unity Trail Renderer Component. Ribbons, unlike the trail renderer, can move around after being spawned. It can do things like inherit velocity from its emitter object, react to gravity and wind. spawn with velocity along some worldspace vector, and move around with perlin noise.

You can also put a scrolling texture on it to help sell the illusion that the ribbon material is hanging in the air.