Saturday, November 15, 2014

Physically Based Shader 1.1: "Simple Physical Shader"

My physical shader is now released! Check out the demo video for Simple Physical Shader 1.1:

Learn more and get the playable demo here:

Get the shader on the Unity Asset Store here:!/content/22143

Simple Physical Shader is a general-purpose physical shader that is intended for users who are new to Physically Based Rendering (PBR) and want a simple shader that can be mixed and matched with the Unity default shaders.

Simple Physical Shader works on Unity Free, on any devices that support Shader Model 3.0, and was developed to provide a usable PBR shader for projects that don't use HDR or linear lighting and for users who don't want to worry about baking out cubemaps. It uses maps that are human readable and easy to generate.

It's still under development, so expect support for core and edge retroreflectivity (for safety vests and velvet materials) as well as one that has a second specular lobe (for materials with a clear coat on top like car paint or wet skin).