Saturday, February 15, 2014

Female Muscle Study Sculpt 01

I picked up 3d Coat a while back and have been playing with it's sculpting tools. Long ago on this blog I started an ecorche in Sculptris but had such trouble with that style of sculpting in the Sculptris interface, that I abandoned the effort. I really would like to have seen what Sculptris would have become had Pixologic not defensively bought them so that Sculptris wouldn't grow up to compete with Zbrush. (For those unaware, Pixologic bought Sculptris in 2010 and hired the sole developer. I'm sure that was great for him, but it killed Sculptris. It's still available for free, but hasn't been updated since it was bought except for the addition of a GoZ button, which seems insulting to me...)

3D Coat is nice, though. I'm getting a better sense for when I should be working in voxels and when I should be working in surfaces/polys. I think I'll really start being able to do finished work in it too!

Now if I could just get clean normal map bakes out of it we'd be golden.